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Flow Sensors for Air and Gases

SCHMIDT Technology is a specialist in the development and production of stationary flow sensors in the field of air and gases. With over 35 years of experience in the compressed air, clean room / pharmaceutical, industrial processes and air conditioning sectors, we can provide you with perfectly fitting solutions for a wide range of measurement tasks.

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Our sensors – your advantages:

  • Energy saving and energy efficiency through simple recording of the actual values
  • Precise recording of consumption data from Volume and mass flows
  • Quality assurance of processes
  • Control of fans and flaps
  • Function monitoring of machines and Manufacturing processes

The strengths of SCHMIDT® Flow Sensors

  • Stable measured values without drift over years
  • No wearing parts and therefore no maintenance and follow-up costs
  • Extreme measuring ranges – both in low and high flow measuring ranges
  • Robust sensors, including those with explosion protection, which are suitable for overpressure or aggressive media
  • Modern combination sensors in which one sensor measures several parameters at the same time
  • Simple assembly and quick commissioning on site

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