SCHMIDT® Measuring value module MD 10.020

Standard volume flow and medium temperature at a glance!


  • 2-line display module
  • Direct output of standard volume flow VN and medium temperature TM
  • Remote display for optimal readability
  • No extra power supply necessary
  • Plug-and-Play


In many installations, displays built into the flow sensor either cannot be seen or due to the mounting position of the sensor simply cannot be read. Nevertheless, there is a need to display the measured values of the sensors on site and at a glance.


Now this can be realised with the SCHMIDT® measuring value module MD 10.020 in a very easy and simple way. A cable with a length of 0.60 m is included allowing the user to place the display module in a way to ensure best position for reading it.


The distance between sensor and display module MD 10.020 can be increased up to 30 m by using a longer cable. If required, display modules of several sensors can be placed on site in one central location to facilitate a perfect overview.


Art.-No. 554 900


SCHMIDT Technology – Simply a question of better measurement


Technical data
Display 2-line 7-segment-LED with 4 digits (red, height 14.2 mm, 1 or 2 decimal places)
Refresh rate4 Hz
Interpretation of measured values
1st lineStandard volume flow VN (0 … 99.99/999.9 Norm-m3/h)
2nd lineMedium temperature TM (-99.9 … +999.9 °C)
Operating temperature
Operating temperature-20 … +70 °C
Storage temperature-25 … +80 °C
General data
HumidityMeasuring mode: Non-condensing (< 95 % RH)
Power supply & communicationVia module connector of SCHMIDT® sensors
Current consumptionTyp. 16 mA (max. 22 mA)
Electrical connectionPlug-in connector M12 (A-coded), male, 5-pin
Additional cable with 0.6 m length (content of delivery)
Maximum cable lengthL < 30 m; wire ≥ 0,25 mm², unshielded
Mounting positionArbitrary
InstallationDouble-sided enclosure flanges
Protection typeIP65
Protection classIII (SELV) / PELV (EN 50178)
Dimensions (L x W x H)90/106 mm x 62 mm x 33 mm
Weight140 g

Subject to technical changes.


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