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Our service is available to you Mon. – Fri. from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm (GMT+1). Immediate telephone assistance and a response time within 24 hours are standard with us. We assure you an immediate quotation for the fulfilment of a quick service call on site.

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All service requests will only be processed thru the ASC service portal mentioned above.

EC-Type Examination Certificate for ElectricPress, ServoPress and TorquePress

ElectricPress 43, 45, 343, 345
ServoPress 605, 616, 617, 620, 650, 655, 660, 68O
TorquePress 520, 560

EC-Type Examination Certificate for PneumaticPress and HydroPneumaticPress

Pneumatic presses: 20, 23, 24, 25, 27-1K, 27-2K, 27-3K, 29-1K, 29-2K, 29-3K, 29-4K and
320, 323-1K, 323-2K, 327-2K, 327-3K, 329-2K, 329-3K, 329-4K
Toggle presses: 32, 33, 34, 36
Hydropneumatic presses 61, 62, 64, 65, 68 and 361, 362, 364, 365, 368
Hydropneumatic portal presses: 74,76 and 374, 376 (3xx with additional process visualisation)

SCHMIDT® Service Services

Proximity to the customer through perfect service. In order to meet the high quality requirements of modern production and the requirements of the legislature, cyclical calibrations and safety checks according to DIN EN ISO 9000 and the UVV (accident prevention regulations) are required for press systems. SCHMIDT Technology supports you in meeting these requirements with a strong service package.

SCHMIDT® calibration for the press systems SCHMIDT® PressControl

Service content:

  • Checking the measuring system
  • Calibration
  • Issuance of a test certificate including test report
SCHMIDT® safety check for all SCHMIDT® press systems with type approval

Service content:

  • Test according to ZH 1/456
  • Measurement and testing of the ZH circuit
  • Follow-up measurement
  • Safety-related functional test
  • General functional test
  • Issuing a test report
  • Test sticker on the machine
For light curtain systems
  • Additional test according to ZH 1/281

We have a large number of presses and press systems in our exhibition and testing area at your disposal. Visitors are welcome to our Competence Center to discuss at firsthand their specificrequirements with our team of experts, who will be pleased to conduct trials on their tools and offer advice and best solutions for all applications.

Standard ‘out of the catalog’ products, customized or complete turn key solutions. SCHMIDT Technology is an invaluable source for your assembly needs, with the center point being a press. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your application, perform feasibility studies, process sample parts to determine process capability from a control, as well as monitoring standpoint.

We can take your applications from process development and manufacturing of prototype tooling to provide you with custom designed, turn-key solutions.

SCHMIDT® engineers and sales force have gained a wealth of experience while working on a wide array of applications.

SCHMIDT Technology products are suitable for a broad variety of industries and can be tailored to the specificrequirements and challenges that applications present, from very basic and simple pressing operations to intelligent, precise and complex processes, combined with monitoring.

The ever rising need to log and exchange process data with third party systems can easily be addressed by the various ways our control systems can be interfaced.

Your need is our challenge. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service.

The professional qualification of your employees ensures the product quality and the success of your company. We provide you with this competence. The SCHMIDT® TrainingCenter makes a valuable contribution to this.
We offer training units that optimally prepare participants in theory and practice for their daily work with SCHMIDT® press systems. SCHMIDT Technology offers comprehensive user training and seminars on the complex technological products. Both the handling of the products themselves and the safe use of control and process software are part of the content of these training courses. In this way, SCHMIDT Technology stands for first-class quality products and their efficient use on site.

We enable our customers to achieve the greatest possible safety and sustainable profitability with regard to their investment. A large number of training and seminar rooms with state-of-the-art presentation technology are available for this purpose in our company.

SCHMIDT® ServoPress  / TorquePress

System structure and functionality

  • System concept SCHMIDT ServoPress
  • Module structure
  • Control elements

Integrated software tools

  • User interface
  • Process visualization / evaluation
  • Input parameters
  • Functions of the standard travel profiles
  • Production data management

Practice-oriented exercises

  • Setting up the machine
  • Creation of data sets
  • Parameterization of travel profiles
  • Process monitoring
  • Error diagnosis

Requirement: PC / Windows knowledge
Number of participants: 4 to 10
Course duration: 2 days

SCHMIDT® PressSystem 600

System structure and functionality

  • System functionality / measurement technology
  • User interface
  • Curve display
  • Record management
  • Input parameters
  • Introduction to the PC software

Practice-oriented exercises

  • Setting up the machine
  • Parameterization
  • Creation of data sets
  • Process monitoring

Requirement: none
Number of participants: 4 to 10
Course duration: 1.5 days

SCHMIDT® Automation

Structure of the press systems

  • PLC editor basics / user interface
  • Special features of programming tools
  • Search operations, debugger


Integration of actuators / sensors
Bus capability

Requirement: none
Number of participants: 4 to 10
Course duration: 1.5 days


Our press technology comes to your factory. The SCHMIDT® DemoBus is a demonstration bus that contains a selection of fully functional presses and accessories.

  • See innovations in joining technology
  • Get a detailed overview of our products
  • Don’t waste time and save travel expenses
  • Discuss your applications with experts
  • Carrying out tests with your workpieces (by prior arrangement).

SCHMIDT Presses product catalog

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