SCHMIDT® Flow Sensors

for plant engineering, food production, drying and engine test benches

In plant construction for monitoring and measuring air flows, e.g. to avoid airborne contamination.

The thermal SCHMIDT® Flow Sensors offer many advantages for measurements in the food industry, drying processes, packaging technology, return of process waste heat and hot air sterilization:

  • Independent installation position thanks to 360° all-round flow angle
  • Use for rough ambient media such as dust and aggressive gases
  • Flow velocity and temperature measurement
  • Integrated self-monitoring
  • On request, “fully coated” with parylene for extreme applications
  • Suitable for use in validated systems

To determine the air mass flows for the test bench control systems of engine test benches.

The thermal SCHMIDT® Flow Sensors offer many advantages for measurements in engine test stands:

  • Maintenance-free sensor in a robust design
  • Protected sensor element (chamber head)
  • Medium temperature up to 350 °C
  • Use up to 16 bar nominal pressure
  • Fieldbus connections such as Device Net and Profibus
  • Calibration accuracy 1 % of the measured value

Flow Sensors

  • Plant engineering and industrial processes

SCHMIDT® Flow Sensors product catalog

Find out everything about the various functions of our flow sensors.
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