SCHMIDT® LED measured value display MD 10.010 / MD 10.015

The ideal solution for displaying and calculating measured values at the place of use


  • Compressed air technology
  • Industrial processes
  • Cleanroom and pharmaceuticals
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning


Sensors must be mounted into positions specified by metrology. In practice, a sensor display is often not very helpful, since it cannot be recognized or isn't even visible from far away. However, an on-site display near the sensor is often useful. It is important that calculated measured values such as m3/h or totalized volumes are also displayed and retransmitted as analog output signal.


The SCHMIDT® LED displays MD 10.010 and MD 10.015 meet these requirements perfectly. They have been designed as large-sized wall display and can be mounted in any readily accessible position. The analog input signals are scaled by one (MD 10.010) or two sensors (MD 10.015) and displayed. In addition, an analog value (4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10 V) is provided via a galvanically separated analog output. Furthermore, the values can be used to define switching points that are output directly via two relays.


The power supply can be provided by mains voltage or via 24 Volt (DC) – the connected sensors are supplied with power directly by the LED display.


Typical application examples in connection with SCHMIDT® flow sensors:


  • Detection of consumed compressed air volume
  • Detection of backflow in circular pipelines
  • Display of leakage volume on site
  • Verification of minimum compressed air volume in the system (site of consumption)
  • Display of air flow of extraction systems
  • In-process detection of gas volumes
  • Display of measured laminar flow
  • Display and alarm function for room overflow applications
  • Direct display of the actual volumetric flows on the duct
  • Switching of fans or dampers when values exceed or fall below limit values on site
  • Detection of backflows (e. g. in soiled filters)


Their advantages at a glance:

  • Sturdy plastic housing (IP65) for wall assembly
  • Settings are retained even after a power failure
  • Simple and quick assembly directly on wall or duct
  • Freely programmable for all kind of sensors, measuring transducers etc. (e. g. temperature, pressure or humidity sensors) with 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 Volt output signals
  • Adjustable averaging
  • Output of calculated measured value (e. g. volumetric flow) as display and analog signal
  • Configurable relay alarm outputs (e. g. falling/rising flank)
  • Power supply of connected sensor


Know where the wind is blowing from: Measuring the value and direction of flow with SCHMIDT® flow sensors and LED displays


In practice, for example in ring main compressed air pipes or circulation ducts, it very often happens that the flow does not always come from the same direction. This greatly affects the determination of the consumption rates: It leads to incorrect results, because the backflow through the flow meter is also added to the forward flow rather than subtracted. The mechanical (paddle) switches for flow detection used nowadays for solving the problem are not capable of detecting the direction of flow with small flow volumes, resulting in relatively inaccurate volume measurements.


For more information on how this can be solved, see the product brochure.


SCHMIDT Technology – Simply a question of better measurement


Technical data
DisplayMain: 2 lines à 6 digits, 7-segment-LED (red; height 14.2 mm)
Auxiliary display: 7-segment-LED (red), 2 digits, height 7 mm
Supply voltage85 .. 250 V AC, 50 … 60 Hz / 24 V DC ± 20 %
Power consumptionMax. 8 VA
Sensor power supply24 V DC, max. 160 mA (short-circuit protected)
Humidity rangeNon-condensing (≤ 95 % rH)
Connection of sensor cable14/18 spring-actuated terminals, max. wire diameter 1.5 mm2, 4 compression fittings
Operating positionArbitrary
Protection typeIP65
Protection classII / III (SELV)
Dimensions (L x B x H)106 (134) mm x 100 (120) mm x 60 mm (values in brackets: with installed cable glandes)
WeightApprox. 370 g
Operating temperature
Operating temperature-20 … +60 °C
Storage temperature-40 … +70 °C
EnclosurePolyamide, glass-fiber-reinforced (PA6-GF 15 / 15), color similar to RAL 7001
Analog input signal(s)1 (2) x 4 … 20 mA (RIN = 200 Ω) or 0 … 10 V (RIN = 12,5 kΩ)
MD 10.010: 1 analog signal input; MD 10.015: 2 analog signal inputs
Output signal analogGalvanically isolated, configurable signal characteristics:
0 … 10 V (RL ≥ 1 kΩ; short circuit protected)
0/4 … 20 mA (RL ≤ 400 Ω>br> CL ≤ 10 nF)
Accuracy of analog output signal±0.2 % of actual value
Relay2 x change-over contact (SPDT, potential-free), max. 250 V / 5 A; programmable

Subject to technical changes.

Order information

SCHMIDT® LED display MD 10.010; in a wall housing for displaying volumetric flow and flow velocity (or other

measuring parameters), 85 … 250 V AC and sensor power supply

Article number 527 320


SCHMIDT® LED display MD 10.010; same as 527 320, but with 24 V DC power supply

Article number 528 240

SCHMIDT® LED display MD 10.015; in a wall housing for displaying volumetric flow and flow velocity (or other measuring parameters), including an additional sum function and 2nd measurement input 85 … 250 V AC and sensor power supply

Article number 527 330


SCHMIDT® LED display MD 10.015; same as 527 330, but with 24 V DC power supply

Article number 528 250


Mounting and fixing technology

Assembly kit for pipe assembly suitable for MD 10.010 / 10.015, including pipe clamps and collar for adjustment to pipe diameter531 394


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