SCHMIDT® Bluetooth® Module BT 10.010

Sensor values wireless, any time and everywhere


  • Radio module featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology for remote transmission of standard volume flow VN and medium temperature TM
  • Display and real-time recording of measuring values via free-of-charge SCHMIDT® Sensor App on a mobile Android device – wireless, any time and everywhere
  • Processing of recorded data
  • Plug-and-Play


In many installations, displays built into the flow sensor either cannot be seen or due to the mounting position of the sensor simply cannot be read. Nevertheless, there is a need from time to time to display the measured values of the sensors on site.


Now this can be realised with the SCHMIDT® Bluetooth® Module BT 10.010 in a very easy and simple way: Any SCHMIDT® Mass Flow Sensor can be equipped with a Bluetooth® radio module, being linked to the module connector of the sensor. The plant operator can now select one sensor after another with the SCHMIDT® Sensor App installed on his mobile Android device and display real-time measurements graphically on a smartphone or tablet and even record the values (datalogger function). The recorded data can be saved as a CSV-file and processed afterwards.


The following parameters can be set:

  • Sensor name
  • Analogue outputs (scaling)
  • Damping
  • Units of measurement (flow + temperature)

Android App V2 for free download under tab "Downloads"


Art.-No. 560 500


SCHMIDT Technology – Simply a question of better measurement


Technical data
Additional necessary deviceMobile device, e. g. smartphone or tablet
System requirements:
- Android® version 7.0 or higher
- Bluetooth® version LE (4.0) or higher
To use the full functionality of the
SCHMIDT® Sensor App for Android, an
active internet connection is required.
Radio range50 m (free field; less in buildings); radio range extension with cable (< 30 m)
Display and recordingStandard volume flow VN and medium temperature TN via free-of-charge SCHMIDT® Sensor App
Power supplyVia module connector of SCHMIDT® sensor
Connection cableOptionally if needed to place it away from sensor; L < 30 m; wire ≥ 0.25 mm2; non-shielded
HumidityMeasuring mode: Non-condensing (< 95 % RH)
Bluetooth®BLE 4.2
Current consumptionTypical 16 mA (max. 22 mA)
Electrical connectionPlug-in connector M12 (A-coded), male, 4-pin
Protection typeIP65
Protection classIII (SELV) / PELV (EN 50178)
Mounting positionArbitrary
Dimensions (L x W x H)61 mm x 13.5 mm (15 mm knurl screw)
WeightCa. 11 g
Operating temperature
Operating temperature-20 … +70 °C
Storage temperature-25 … +80 °C

Subject to technical changes.


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