SCHMIDT® TorquePress

Compact, with high efficiency and hollow shaft motor

In addition to the ServoPress series, the SCHMIDT® TorquePress has a number of special features. Among other things, a hollow-shaft torque motor is used, which enables very high press forces with a very high motor torque without additional mechanical transmissions.

Compared to other electric presses, the noise level remains remarkably low under all load conditions. The spindle nut, which is driven directly without the use of additional gears, enables very high levels of efficiency. Thanks to the hollow shaft motor, the TorquePress is particularly compact and enables short overall lengths.

SCHMIDT ® TorquePress are EC type-tested in connection with the safety technology options SmartGate , SmartGuard and light curtain and optionally with the particularly economical one 2-hand operation .

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Montagepresse SCHMIDT TorquePress 520

SCHMIDT® TorquePress 520 for use in the medium force range, e.g. in the following branches of industry:

  • Assembly of injection systems
  • Fitting assembly
  • Installation of filter systems
  • Installation of sensors (Smart Home)
House and building technology
  • Installation of counters
  • Assembling pumps
Medical technology, pharmacy
  • Straightening / shaping surgical instruments
  • Cutting pharmaceutical filters

20 kN force F max. S3 25% 20 sec
10 kN force F 100% ED
250 mm ram stroke
≤ 0.1 µm resolution drive control
260 mm / s ram speed (max.)
Planetary roller screw drive
1/1 ratio motor / nut


SCHMIDT® TorquePress 560

with the following characteristics:

  • temperature-controlled fan, maintenance-free and function-monitored
  • patented column guide and overload clutch
  • Integrated energy management, intermediate storage of braking energy

The TorquePress 560 is used in the higher force range, e.g. in the following branches of industry:

  • Assembly of fuel cells
  • Assembly of braking systems
  • Assembly of steering knuckle bearings
  • Assembly of couplings
Electronics / energy technology
  • Assembly of multi-pole Compliant Pin plug connections
  • Assembly of high-voltage switches
Industrial equipment
  • Assembly of vacuum pumps

100 kN force F max. S3 25% 20 sec
50 kN force F 100% ED
300 mm ram stroke
≤ 0.1 µm resolution drive control
200 mm / s ram speed (max.)
Planetary roller screw drive
1/1 ratio motor / nut

Technical dataTorquePress 520TorquePress 560
Force F max. S3 25% 20 sec20 kN100 kN
Force F 100% ED10 kN50 kN
Ram stroke250 mm300 mm
Drive control resolution& lt; 0.1 µm& lt; 0.1 µm
Ram speed (max.)260 mm / s200 mm / s
DriveBall screw drivePlanetary roller screw drive
Motor / nut ratio1/11/1
Degree of protectionIP50IP40
Weight approx.95 kg230 kg
max. Tool weight25 kg100 kg
Tool dimensions WxD300 mm x 230 mm370 mm x 230 mm
Network connection automation component3 x 400 to 480 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz max.back-up fuse 16 A3 x 400 to 480 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz max.back-up fuse 32 A
Performance at nominal load5 kW17 kW
Ram bore mm / Nø 20 H7 ø 20 H7
Ram diameter mm / Mø 50 H6 ø 60 H6
torsional backlash± 0.04 °± 0.02 ° (preloaded)
Noise level
Speed ​​when measuring0 – 260 mm / s0 – 200 mm / s
Level value dBA5865
Dimension H / W / D1132 mm / 163 mm / 315 mm1438 mm / 304 mm / 255 mm


Process control behavior

  • Distance measurement takes place directly on the ram, which results in extremely high positioning and repeat accuracy.
  • Absolute position measuring system, so no reference travel is necessary.
  • Highly precise pressing force detection through direct force introduction into the sensors

Intelligent compensation

  • by offsetting individual tolerances of the parts
  • of system elasticities (deflection compensation)

Precise and robust mechanical structure

  • directly driven spindle nut, no additional gear
  • integrated automatic spindle lubrication system,
  • Capable of full load over the complete ram stroke

Real-time evaluation

  • immediate reaction to process and quality data
  • no delay due to slow process data transfer
  • immediate availability of SPC data

System immediately operational

  • Standard travel profiles only require the entry of position and speed
  • The system parameterizes itself automatically.

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