Corporate Identity

We from SCHMIDT Technology adhere to the following basic principles to guide our thoughts and actions


We are a market-oriented, innovative, and successful company. In our divisions Writing Instrument Technology, Machines and Sensors
we develop, produce, and sell technological top-quality products. We produce and sell parts and components for medical technology and other complex applications.


We are a modern, future-oriented, family-owned company. We safeguard the jobs of our employees through high investments in human resources, technology, and organization.

Customers and Markets

We are guided by what our customers require and can benefit from. We are a technologically competent and reliable partner. We are successful worldwide.

Products and Technology

Our high-performance products and top-quality technology have made us the market leader. We secure and stabilize this position for the future through continued development and innovations.


Well-trained motivated employees form the basis of our success. The continued training of our employees secures the future of every single employee and of the company.

Quality and Quality Management System

Quality in all areas and its constant further development is the core of our corporate philosophy. We are continuously developing our quality management system.


We have a modern company structure and are working process- and team-oriented. Our responsibilities are clearly laid down. Our style of leadership is cooperative and employee-oriented.

Environment / Surroundings

Wir handeln verantwortlich gegenüber den Mitarbeitern, der Gesellschaft, den Gesellschaftern und unserer Umwelt.
Wir gewährleisten die Einhaltung aller für das Unternehmen und dessen Produkte relevanter gesetzlicher und behördlicher Forderungen.

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