31 Jan

The new guarding SCHMIDT® SmartGate is secured with automatic doors. The cycle time is optimized by opening and closing the doors quickly. The pressing process is only started when the doors are completely closed. In this system state, the doors are mechanically prevented from being forced open and no splinters can escape from the process room. For loading and unloading, the doors retract into the interior to save a great deal of space.

SCHMIDT® SmartGate is compatible with all our presses and the PU40 press base.

  • Protection of the workspace from unintentional intervention
  • Splinter protection against parts flaking off
  • Visible workspace
  • Optimization of the safety distances to the closed danger area
  • Consideration of quality assurance specifications (NIO behavior)
  • Cycle time and process optimization through configurable opening and closing speed (< 2 s) and the opening height
  • Very good energy balance thanks to linear motor drive
  • Large workspace
  • EC type-examination approved single workstation
  • ESD execution