ElectricPress 347
07 Sep

SCHMIDT® ElectricPress 347 with 20 kN max. force

The brand new extension of our ElectricPress series with the most powerful version to date is the SCHMIDT® ElectricPress 347 with a peak force of 20 kN strong>. The ElectricPress 347 is the perfect, energy-efficient alternative to pneumatic presses thanks to its extremely compact design and ideal when it comes to cost-effective, precise force-displacement-monitored press processes in the form of a EG-type-approved individual workstation or in a automation version.

  • 20 kN force F max. S3 25% 10 sec
  • 13 kN force F 100% ED
  • 150 mm ram stroke
  • ≤ 1 µm resolution drive control
  • 100 mm/s ram speed (max.)

Features of the SCHMIDT® ElectricPress 347:

  • with process monitoring
  • high efficiency (energy efficiency)
  • alternative to pneumatic presses
  • solid mechanics
  • small size
  • also available as an automation component

More information about SCHMIDT® ElectricPressen.