SCHMIDT® SmartGate

Shorter process cycles and increased safety standards


SmartGate is a protective enclosure with automatic doors. The access to the process area is via two transparent, horizontally guided doors. SmartGate offers greatly enhanced ergonomics and efficiency compared with traditional two-hand and light-curtain solutions. Safety distances are reduced while providing excellent accessibility to the work area. The SmartGate enclosure completely inhibits access to the work area during operation while simultaneously shielding the operator from parts that may accidentally shatter.


The SmartGate design allows for easy surface cleaning and elimination of debris accumulation areas, critical in clean-room and medical device applications.


  • Inhibits accidental or inadvertent access to work area
  • Shields from accidentally shattered parts
  • Superior visibility of work area
  • Optimized safety distances
  • Quality Assurance friendly (OK/NOK)
  • Cycle Time optimization through door speed programming

(<2 s)

  • Energy efficient through use of linear motor
  • Type approved

Technical Data

Max. opening width 720 mm
Variable speed 50 - 350 mm / s
Typical opening time 2.2s
Typical closing time 1.8s
Noise emission < 60 dB (A)
Cell size 1 1010 x 883 mm
Cell size 2 1010 x 1049 mm
Protective doorlaminated safety glass (VSG)
Security category Ple
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