SCHMIDT DuplexPress 8
07 Sep

SCHMIDT® DuplexPress 8

DuplexPress 8 hand lever press with mechanical press force reinforcement through planetary gears

A new concept has made it possible to combine requirements in one press, which previously required at least two press technologies. The SCHMIDT® DuplexPress 8 enables a press force of 7 kN over the entire stroke of 140 mm. Another crucial one The advantage is the outstanding ergonomics, as this pressing force can be achieved with a manual force of only 120 N.

Features of the SCHMIDT® DuplexPress 8

  • 7 kN with low manual force of 120 N
  • Linear force curve over the entire stroke of 140 mm
  • New principle of action, power transmission through planetary gears
  • ergonomic handling
  • pneumatically supported return stroke (autonomous or mains operation)
  • optionally with rapid lift function
  • working height adjustable via crank
  • twist-proof tappet
  • press force max. 7 kN
  • stroke 140 mm
  • throat depth 86 mm
  • working height 30 – 280 mm

Further information about the Product family of mechanical hand lever presses SCHMIDT® ManualPress can be found at the products.