Bluetooth modul 10.010
03 Jan

SCHMIDT® smart solutions with Bluetooth® technology – wireless flow sensor values ​​are transmitted anytime and anywhere

In many installations, displays built into the flow sensor cannot be recognized or simply cannot be read due to the installation position of the sensor. Nevertheless, there is a need to display the measured values ​​of the individual built-in sensors on site from time to time.

This can now be implemented in the simplest way with the SCHMIDT® Bluetooth® module BT 10.010: An adapter is connected to each SCHMIDT® volume flow sensor to be monitored at the module connection. The system operator can now select one sensor after the other with the SCHMIDT® Sensor App previously installed on the mobile Android device, display the real-time measurements graphically on the smartphone or tablet and even record the values ​​(data logger function). The recorded data can be saved as a CSV file and processed further.

The SCHMIDT® Bluetooth® module BT 10.010 is ideally suited if the currently measured values ​​of standard volume flow and medium temperature of various sensors are to be displayed one after the other on site.

Highlights of the SCHMIDT® Bluetooth® module BT 10.010
Bluetooth® adapter for radio transmission of
Standard volume flow VN
Medium temperature TM
Display and real-time recording of the measured values ​​via the free SCHMIDT® sensor app on a mobile Android device – wireless, anytime and anywhere
Further processing of the stored data
Plug and Play


The radio range is typically 10 m on sight. The SCHMIDT® Bluetooth® module BT 10.010 can be placed up to 30 m away from the sensor with a cable in order to increase the range.

Display of current measured values ​​as a history graph. The user can choose between a fixed and a variable scale.



SCHMIDT® Sensor App for displaying the real-time measurement of volume flow and medium temperature as well as sensor information; z. B. Sensor name, serial number, model, article number, measuring ranges, minimum and maximum values ​​and current measured values. Press the red “Record Button” to record in real time.

SCHMIDT® Sensor App enables the recording of real-time measurements, as well as the storage and subsequent external processing of the data. These can be saved, shared by email and then processed further with additional software.