Measured value display module MD 10.020
31 Jan

With the SCHMIDT® measured value display module MD 10.020 in a robust metal housing, you have a direct view of the volume flow and medium temperature!

With certain installations, there is a need to have an eye on the measured values ​​for volume flow and medium temperature on site at all times, but this is often not possible due to the given installation position with permanently integrated displays.

This can now be realized very easily with the SCHMIDT® measured value display module MD 10.020. With the supplied cable, the display can be placed on site in such a way that the best possible readability is guaranteed.

With the MD 10.020, the distance between the sensor and the display module can be increased to up to 30 m by using a longer cable. Even the measured values ​​from remotely installed volume flow sensors can be read at any time without any effort. If necessary, the displays of several sensors can be brought together on site in a central place and facilitate a constant overview.

The SCHMIDT® measured value display module MD 10.020 is ideal for on-site display of the currently measured values ​​of standard volume flow and medium temperature.

Highlights of the SCHMIDT®measured value display module MD 10.020

  • Two-line display module
  • Direct output from
    • Standard volume flow VN
    • Medium temperature TM
  • Detached display for optimal readability
  • No additional power supply required
  • Plug and Play