03 Jan

Refill kisses!

SCHMIDT Technology sets the new standard for soft writing ballpoint pen refills with its Softline refill.

From the every day ballpoint pen to the luxurious limited edition: the SCHMIDT Technology company can be found across the board in all areas of writing instrument technology where reliability and quality are paramount.

With the market launch of the Softline refill, the Black Forest think tank is logically expanding its “Generation Soft” portfolio. With the objective of also being able to give ballpoint pens a particularly pleasant, soft writing feel, the company has launched a completely new refill development and has been able to implement a particularly successful coordination of wear-free tip and newly developed paste.

Whether for a quick note, an extensive report or a love letter: the noticeably soft writing feel of the new Softline refill with its ball that glides smoothly over the paper inspires stroke after stroke, right from the first millimeter.

Since the Softline refill is designed in the universal G2 format, it fits into many millions of existing writing instruments in the world, making soft writing an experience for everyone and giving the ballpoint pen a very special added value.

The refills are 100% made in Black Forest and are available immediately in the writing colors black and blue.