15 Apr

Competent appearance at the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE trade fair in Paris

The GLOBAL INDUSTRIE trade fair in Paris once again proved to be an outstanding event for industrial manufacturing, which took place from 25 to 28 March 2024. Among the many innovative products and technologies presented, our latest press systems for assembly stood out in particular.

New SCHMIDT® ElectricPress 347 ZH with two-hand release

The SCHMIDT® ElectricPress 347 ZH impressed visitors with its innovative two-hand release, which guarantees the highest safety standards. Equipped with the advanced SCHMIDT® PressControl 700 and the stable SCHMIDT® PU 20 press base on castors, this press demonstrated its high precision and performance. We also demonstrated a key fob application on the ElectricPress 347, which emphasised the versatility of this assembly press. Visitors were impressed by its precision and speed.

SCHMIDT® PneumaticPress 24 with SCHMIDT® PressControl 75

The SCHMIDT® PneumaticPress 24 demonstrated its efficiency in combination with the SCHMIDT® PressControl 75, additionally mounted on the height-adjustable press base PU 20 HV, which improved its adaptability to different working environments.

Force-displacement monitored SCHMIDT® ManualPress 307

The SCHMIDT® ManualPress 307 attracted attention because it combines manual operation and force-displacement monitoring with modern press technology.

New SCHMIDT® DuplexPress 8 and manual SCHMIDT® rack and pinion press 6

The SCHMIDT® DuplexPress 8 presented itself as an innovative solution for manual production requirements. This combination of performance and user-friendliness was met with great interest by the trade fair visitors. In comparison, the manual rack and pinion press 6 was shown, which was mounted together on a robust PU 20 press base.

SCHMIDT® rack and pinion press 5 RFZ

A popular classic is the SCHMIDT® rack and pinion press 5 RFZ with a black chrome-plated surface. This special design ensures dust-free operation and opens up new possibilities for precise manufacturing processes in sensitive environments.

Overall, the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE trade fair in Paris presented an impressive range of press machines that emphasise the advancement of innovation and quality in industrial manufacturing. The technologies presented promise to further improve efficiency and precision in various manufacturing processes and fulfil the requirements of modern industry.