SCHMIDT® DuplexPress 8

With minimal effort, a high force of 7 kN with a long stroke of 140 mm and super ergonomic operation.


The SCHMIDT® DuplexPress 8 breaks new ground for familiar hand lever presses with a completely new operating principle. The challenge of achieving high forces (7 kN) with long strokes (up to 140 mm) is not possible either with conventional rack and pinion or toggle presses. Thus this new developed press represents a very universal solution for pressing tasks, which can also be used extremely ergonomically with low hand force (120 N).

The left hand lever actuates the approach stroke to position the ram quickly to the workpiece.

The right hand crank activates the power stroke any time with little manual force. The transmission ratio of the planetary gearbox achieves a high effective force on the ram. This is useful, for example, when a long stroke has to be covered before reaching the component where the high forces of the press are required.

Why compressed air?

Why does the press have a compressed air connection or an accumulator?

The compressed air retracts the ram back to the TDC (top dead center) with constant force and speed. In addition, the speed can be individually adjusted with the pressure regulator, this pneumatic driven return stroke increases the ergonomic compared to a conventional spring solution. In addition, the two-chamber design of the tank ensures that the weight of the upper tool can be compensated via the adjustable differential pressure.

The version with pressure tank is available for self-sufficient and maximum energy-efficient operation of the press. Thanks to the intelligent re-storage of compressed air, the loss of compressed air is minimised and it is sufficient to fill the tank about once a week. Alternatively, the press can also be connected directly to the compressed air supply.

Technical Data

Press type88R8D8RD8S8RS8DS8RDS
Nominal force (force stroke)kN77777777
Working strokeAmm140140140140140140140140
Throat depthCmm8686868686868686
Press head heightSmm446446463463446446463463
Ram boreØmm10H710H710H710H710H710H710H710H7
Left hand lever (rapid approach stroke)    
Rapid approach stroke rangemm0 – 1400 – 1400 – 1400 – 1400 – 1400 – 1400 – 1400 – 140
Max. force at hand leverN120120120120120120120120
Right hand lever (force stroke)
Force stroke rangemm0 – 1400 – 1400 – 1400 – 1400 – 1400 – 1400 – 1400 – 140
Max. force at hand leverN120120120120120120120120
Max. weight of upper toolkg55555555
Pneumatic return spring (adjustable)
Return stroke lock    
Minimum stroke height 2)mm 120.4 120.4 120.4 120.4
Locked position 1mm19.619.619.619.619.619.619.619.6
Locked position 2mm6.
Disengaging accuracymm± 0.04± 0.04± 0.04± 0.04± 0.04± 0.04± 0.04± 0.04
Woking height 1)F
Frame No. 5mm35 – 28535 – 28535 – 28535 – 28535 – 28535 – 28535 – 28535 – 285
Compressed air mains    
Compressed air tank    
Max. operating pressurebar66668888
Weight without frameapprox. kg14.815.916.117.117.618.718.919.9
FramePress typeFrame height
M (mm)
Table size
W x D (mm)
Table bore
D (Ø mm)
Table height
K (mm)
W x L (mm)
Weight (kg)
No. 5DuplexPress 8536110 x 8020H760110 x 18526
Height adjustment1.2
• Series with no additional charge    o Additional charge applies
1) Typical values; can deviate by ± 3 mm due to casting and manufacturing tolerances
2) In combination with return stroke locke
Special designs
Special painting RAL colors
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