SCHMIDT® PressControl 75

Highly compact yet multifunctional SCHMIDT® PressControl 75 available for these press systems:

SCHMIDT® ElectricPress

SCHMIDT® PneumaticPress

SCHMIDT® HydroPneumaticPress


Its easy and intuitive touchscreen allows for quick and efficient process set-up or change-over. Process specific data can be stored in up to 24 datasets.


The SCHMIDT® SafetyModule allows the design of single workstations with safety technology that meets the latest global standards for two-hand cycle initiation, guarding or light-curtain protection.


  • Reproducible values for position, speed, acceleration and deceleration
  • Flexible design of travel profiles with up to 14 traversing blocks using a commercially available PLC
  • Rules on position
  • Driving on power (specification of the motor current as input parameter), e.g. for functions such as:

- position on final force

- position on path => abort if force is reached prematurely

- Touch the component

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