Arbeitsjubilare 2023
28 Nov

Thanks for many years of loyalty

On the 23rd of November 2023, SCHMIDT Technology GmbH honoured long-standing employees for their loyalty to the company and their reliable work.
The employees celebrating 25 years of service are Lars Hackenjos, Dr Peter Haisch, Jochen Behnke, Raffaele Raimondo, Adam Hergert, Sonja Abend, Tatjana Hoffer, Hans-Peter Kaspar, Nelli Völker and Thomas Axmann.
Albert Levin, Ingmar Engesser, Karsten Seckel and Süleyman Gül were honoured for 10 years of service.
Elke Obergfell and Dr Christine Rager from the subsidiary STS were also honoured for 25 years of loyal service.
Mayor Michael Rieger and Wolf-Dieter Bauer from the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce enriched the evening with their words of welcome. Mr Bauer also presented the IHK’s certificates of honour for 25 years of service.
The local newspaper Schwarzwaelder Bote and the Suedkurier reported on the festive evening.