Der Schwerpunkt der Ausstellung war der robuste Strömungssensor SS 20.700 für Heavy-Duty-Anwendungen, die ATEX-Ausführung SS 23.700 Ex dieses Sensors, sowie die vom Sensorkopf-Design abgeleitete neue Laminar-Flow-Sonde SS 20.715 LED.
21 Jun

SCHMIDT Technology was able to build on its success at Achema 2024

After a modestly attended Achema 2022, SCHMIDT Technology was able to build on its previous successes at Achema 2024. The number of visitors and contacts was not yet back to the old level of 2018, but there was an extremely strong increase. In addition to a large number of customers, many potential new customers also visited us. Very interesting discussions and promising contacts were made, so that the follow-up to the trade fair could be started with confidence.

The focus of the exhibition was the robust flow sensor SS 20.700 for heavy-duty applications, the ATEX version SS 23.700 Ex of this sensor, as well as the new laminar flow probe SS 20.715 LED, which is derived from the sensor head design. This new sensor was particularly well received in clean applications with “contamination potential” from product dust or when there is a risk of damage to the dumbbell head sensor due to manipulation in the isolator through glove inlets.