SCHMIDT® SmartGuard

Smart Safety for Servo and Torque presses


A transparent enclosure completely envelops the work area during the pressing operation. It inhibits access by the operator or third-party while effectively shielding the operator from any flying debris. Reduced distances to the work area increases ergonomics and efficiency. With its numeric drive control, the enclosure’s positions and speeds can be programmed for optimal cycle time. The SmartGuard will stop its downward motion if it encounters the slightest resistance, therefore, no pinch points.


  • Inhibits accidental or inadvertent access to work area
  • Shields from accidentally shattered parts
  • Superior visibility of work area
  • Optimized safety distances
  • Quality Assurance friendly (OK/NOK)
  • Cycle Time optimization through door speed programming (<2 s)
  • Energy efficient through use of linear motor
  • Type approved
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Version (optional)

Technical Data

SmartGuardtypeSP 605SP 616SP 617SP 620TP 520
Variable opening strokemm280 350410500390
Speed openingmm/s200 - 1000
Speed closingmm/s200 - 500
Drivetypelinear motor
Min. cycles6
Locking position closed active
Material guardPCantistatic / transparent
Electr. safety lock Plexiglass
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