SCHMIDT® PRC FileXchange

Safe exchange of process data


In addition to data exchange within an automation solution via Fieldbus, data exchange can also be performed via data files. For every press process all relevant process results, tolerances, observer, and parameters are written into a file whose format and content can be configured via an intuitive user interface.


The following output formats are available:

  • Microsoft Excel (CSV)
  • Q-DAS
  • XML


The transmission of production data is synchronized from Press- Control to PC (File System). That means if the connection be- tween PressControl and PC is interrupted the process is stopped, the event is recorded. Once the connection is re-established the data of the last press process will be transmitted again.

It is also possible to import default values for press processes from a configuration file. A production range which comprises several different products can, for example, be managed via standard PC application and thus be used as production database.

The respective product-specific configuration file can be created by the SCHMIDT® PressControl HMI for all relevant process pa rameters and transferred to the customer's management soft- ware via xml file.

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