SCHMIDT® CamPress 11N

The best of both worlds


We have merged the best features of the two hand lever press types, the toggle press and the rack and pinion press, and combined them in the SCHMIDT® CamPress 11N. Thanks to this clever mechanism, the patented assembly press is characterized by a particularly smooth operation and strong force at the end of the stroke. The sophisticated mechanics make the manual CamPress 11N particularly ergonomic and user-friendly.


The unique motion creates a high, linear force progression with high breakaway torque at the beginning of the ram movement and a steep force increase at the end of the stroke; and all this with constant hand force.

The use of the balance weights and the ErgoHandle ensures a smooth motion process and-ergonomic operation of the hand lever. Both components and height adjustment with the crank lever are part of the standard scope of delivery. Of course, the proven options such as return stroke lock, fine adjustment and mechanical counter can also be used here.

Technical Data

Press type11N
Press head type11N-23
Nominal forcekN20
Working strokeAmm23
Head heightSmm458
Ram boreØmm10H7
Hand level left
Rotation angle / stroke°180
Max. weight upper tool 3)kg2
Return stroke lock 2)
Minimum working strokemm10.3
Locked position 1mm bef. BDC12.7
Locked position 2mm bef. BDC1.8
Disengaging accuracymm0.05
Working height 4)F
Frame No 5mm75 – 320
55 – 300
Weight~ kg40
Mechanical countero
Overview framePress TypFrame height
M (mm)
Table size
B x T (mm)
Table bore
D (Ø mm)
Table height
K (mm)
B x L (mm)
No. 511N587185 x 11020H760185 x 273
Options • Series with no additional charge, o Additional charge applies 2) Adjustment of locking position on request 3) The weight was determined with hand lever position 45° forward (guidelines) 4) Typical values; can vary ± 3 mm due to casting and production tolerances Other available options * Nickel plated – cast parts are electroless nickel plated, steel components black oxide finished, aluminum anodized, precision steel surfaces are untreated * Custom paint – press and column can be painted to customer’s color specification * Bores for adapting tooling – customer specific sizes
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