SCHMIDT® PressControl 70 pneumatische Presse
Accessory magnet holder, optional mountable on the side or behind
SCHMIDT® PressControl 70, Accessory magnet holder SCHMIDT® PressControl 70, Accessory magnet holder
Control Unit SCHMIDT® PressControl 70

Compact Control Unit for pneumatic and hydropneumatic presses

With the new modular control conception of SCHMIDT Technology, control and safety technology are separately. Thereby the new control unit SCHMIDT® PressControl 70 for the pneumatic and hydropneumatic SCHMIDT® Presses has been designed very compactly and nevertheless multifunctionally. The result is strong. This control is space saving with a size of only 90 x 120 x 60
(h x w x d) and can be integrated into the work station very flexible by its optional magnet holder.
In conjunction with the SCHMIDT® SafetyModule a manual work place with two-hand release or light curtain can be realized as well as EC-type-approved safety technology. The connection to the SCHMIDT® PressControl 70 is made by CAN-fieldbus.
This control persuades also by its easy operation via 3 key pads together with a 5-digit 7-segments-display. A key switch is as well existing as a LED display for the system stati supply voltage and stroke take-over. The following modes of operation and functions are directly ­selectable:

  • Two-hand release
  • Light curtain
  • Workpiece control
  • Sliding table activation
  • Return stroke initiation with external signal
  • Preselection counter
  • Operation without SafetyModule (in conjunction with capsuled machines or safe tools)

Further helpful functions are set up mode, piece counter and BDC-dwell time.
All important settings on the SCHMIDT® PressControl 70 can only be done with the key switch, this is for safety reasons.

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TÜV EC Type Examination Certificate PressControl 70