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We from SCHMIDT Technology believe the basis for a successful cooperation with our customers to be the continuous improvement of our services and products. But to be able identify our potential for improvements we need your opinions and experiences with us and our products.

Thank you very much for helping us by filling out our customer survey!

Customer service and consuling

1. How do you rate the quality of our customer service?
(Regarding availability, expertise, kindness and result orientation)

… in consulting / sales?

… in custom projects?

… in service?

Products and service

2. How satisfied are you with our offers and quality of our products?
(Regarding product range, customer-specific solutions, price-performance ratio and quality)

3. How satisfied are you with the services we offer?
(Regarding quotation and order processing, delivery time, delivery reliability, range of services offered)

4. How do you rate the handling of your complaints or repairs?
(Regarding reaction time, processing time, quality management, liability)

Internet presence

5. How do you rate our website
(Regarding navigation, content, information, orientation and timeliness)

Technical documentation

6. How satisfied are you with the quality of our technical documentation?
(Regarding completeness, availability, information content, clarity)

General information about SCHMIDT

7. Would you recommend SCHMIDT Technology to others?
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8. What do you like or don't like about SCHMIDT Technology and its products? Please tell us about it:

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