Advancing Mechanisms

SCHMIDT® Advancing mechanisms

SCHMIDT® System mechanisms

The idea of creating a set turned out to developing a system mechanism, which enables the use of a SCHMIDT® ball refill P 900 as well as a system pencil mechanism DSM 2005, DSM 2006, DSM 2007 and DSM 2008. Consequently the production of the pen bodies for the actions "twist" and "push button" as well as "sliding cap" is becoming very economical.

The system mechanism is mounted into the upper part of the pen. The front part of the barrel can hold a SCHMIDT® large capacity refill P 900 or a system pencil mechanism. Great advantage for the producer: create a writing set including a ball pen and a mechanical pencil within one and the same body.

Twist mechanisms are equipped with a friction sleeve avoiding an over-twisting of the mechanism. This offers an additional protection for your high-quality writing instrument.

SCHMIDT® one-color mechanisms
Actuating mechanisms for one-color mechanisms are available for unlimited purposes: For twisting, pushing or sliding of all refills with ISO or special dimensions. You will find the most suitable actuating mechanism for your ball pen in our program. We are also specialized in developing special solutions according to your specifications.

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