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SCHMIDT Technology, the specialist in writing technology, presented a completely new class of writing instruments. The new generation of writing systems is called SCHMIDT® easyFLOW and has found a very big response.

More easily than any other writing system the tip of the SCHMIDT® easyFLOW glides over the paper. The ink flow starts instantly even after a longer pause of writing. Easily, as never seen before, you get a writing that is regular, strong, precise and clean.

SCHMIDT® easyFLOW combines the advantages of the well-known ball point refill with those of a roller ball refill creating a completely new market segment in the field of writing instruments.

SCHMIDT® easyFLOW made by SCHMIDT Technology is actually predestinated to take high-valued writing instruments out of the middle class and to meet the demands of exigent customers for a premium writing system. SCHMIDT® easyFLOW is available in the large capacity refill size G 2 and the D style as per the standard DIN ISO 12757-1.

Thanks to the excellent cap-off time, cap sealings are not required. Therefore the SCHMIDT® easyFLOW is especially suitable for retractable push and twist pens without cap – and this without using any safety mechanisms.

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