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SCHMIDT ® ElectricPress 343
Automation with force / stroke monitoring

An efficient and reliable assembly process is key to the success of your products in an increasingly competitive market.
The all-new SCHMIDT® ElectricPress 343 with SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 is your most economical solution, combining a cost effective fully programmable assembly press, using innovative electrical drive technology, with closed loop position and force control to provide flexibility and precision to even the most complex assembly tasks. The system also uses integrated sensor technology to provide precise process monitoring, ensuring quality control on every part.

SCHMIDT®'s state-of-the-art assembly technology monitors and controls the entire manufacturing process rather than individual assembly steps. The proprietary SCHMIDT® DataBase software maps the process data of all individual assembly steps into a data bank, including historic data. CAN-bus technology communication compatible with all established field CAN-bus systems is standard on all SCHMIDT® monitored presses. And with the SCHMIDT® PRC OPC software available on these models, data exchange will now become the automation standard.

SCHMIDT® ElectricPress 343 automation module with force / stroke monitoring
SCHMIDT® ElectricPress 343 automation module with force / stroke monitoring



ElectricPress Can Open
SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 conects with CANopen to SCHMIDT® PRC Gatway to PROFI BUS, PROFI NET and EtherCAT

SCHMIDT PressControl PRC DataBase
SCHMIDT® PRC DataBase software is used for storing and analyzing the data of the control system – process specifications and process results – particularly under quality assurance aspects.

SCHMIDT® integrated remote hand-wheel for set-up of stroke / force  control
Integrated remote hand-wheel for set-up of
- stroke control
- force control

SCHMIDT® OPC data exchange via the de facto automation standard

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