Cartesian Assembly

SCHMIDT® Cartesian assembly machine

On the basis of high-precision SCHMIDT® ServoPress modules in the press force range of 0.5 – 100 kN, a Cartesian assembly machine has been developed, which can be used for fully automated assembly processes in many sectors. The flexible assembly of components with different dimensions in one load becomes reality.


  • High-precision assembly technology in 1/100 mm range
  • The workstation is equipped with the latest palletised systems for optimum efficiency
  • The workstation control system can store many data sets for each type of product to be assembled: reducing the need to re-program for each product type.
  • Freely parameterizable, sequential scanning of the working area
  • Automatic tool change
  • Traceability and documentation complying with ISO 9000
  • Statistic Process Control SPC online

This new development is intended for users who want to create fully automated, highly productive assembly workstations.

Instead of the labourious loading of single parts, workpiece carriers are loaded or unloaded to the machine. This reduces loading time considerably.

The workpiece carrier can contain different components. The Cartesian assembly machine scans the working area sequentially, whereby it is possible to carry out automatic tool changes. A linear table moves the workpiece carrier in X direction. The ServoPress module that presses in Z direction is moved in Y direction via a gantry so that any points in the 3D working area can be accessed via the corresponding profiles.

The flexible data set management of the SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000 allows setting up the machines quickly and efficiently. A data set change, for example, if workpiece carriers are loaded with different pieces, can be carried out fully automated from the operating panel. A mechanical retrofitting of the machine is completely avoided.

With regard to intelligent assembly, documentation and Statistic Process Control SPC, the machine disposes of all tools that are provided by the control unit SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000.