CAN pofibus gateway
 CAN DeviceNet gateway

I/O connection
 I/O connection

SCHMIDT® CAN DeviceNet gateway

The SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000 works with the fieldbus system CANopen. In integrated systems, often data transfer with host control units must be carried out via DeviceNet. For this purpose, SCHMIDT Technology offers a CAN / DeviceNet gateway. It provides a data area, in which both sides can write or from which both sides can read (on each side, 64 bit input and 64 bit output). Thus, an application-specific data exchange can be realized. The gateway behaves on both sides as a slave. The update rate of the CANopen side is 5 ms.

I/O connection

Different terminal modules are offered, if required, for the integration of analog and digital signals. The connection of these modules is achieved via CAN bus.

SCHMIDT® Interface software

The communication with co-ordinated control system is realized via a standardized interface program with SCHMIDT® PressControl 600.

All relevant system states as well as “failed” productions are transferred from one control to another via a simple signal transfer.

All standard physical interfaces, such as

  • I/O interface
  • CANopen
  • CAM-DeviceNet (at CANopen DeviceNet Gateway)

can be used for signal transfer with the automation environment.