Statistical Process control

SCHMIDT® SPC Statistical Process Control for PressControl 3000

The software package SCHMIDT® SPC is used for determining the process capability. The program calculates the statistical parameters from the process and tolerance data. The characteristics of all quality criteria are calculated online after each assembly process, and the calculation is available for documentation. Contrary to conventional systems, the user is constantly informed about the course of the assembly and the process quality. User-defined upper and lower warning and intervention limits inform the process control when exceeding or falling below these limits about which application-specific measures can be taken.
statistical process conrtol
In the overview display, you see all necessary information from the process, such as characteristics (monitors), information pass/fail, current measuring value, SPC status, average value, Cp and Cpk value, at a glance..
Each single process can be reconstructed using the production backtrack.
statistical process control
Considering the individual characteristics, additional important values are displayed graphically and numerically.
statistical process control standart deviation
Standard deviation
statistical process control histogram
statistical process control numerical values
Numerical values
Apart from the system-related monitors, other process-relevant information can be prepared statistically, such as the work integral (area under the F/s curve) or external measuring data (e.g. temperature).
statistical process control tolerance