Press control 500


SCHMIDT® PressControl 500

EU safety regulations demand that manually charged press systems undergo an approval process to the EEC guideline 89/392/EEC. The safety control system SCHMIDT PressControl 500 in combination with all SCHMIDT® pneumatic- and hydro-pneumatic presses is approved to EEC standards.

System structure

  • SCHMIDT® pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic press
  • SCHMIDT® pneumatic safety block
  • SCHMIDT® press-control system PressControl 500

Principle of function:
The safety-control system SCHMIDT® PressControl 500 can be used both in the "two-hand" mode and "continuous operation" (safety-guard monitoring) mode. It possesses sum counters and pre-settable counters. The SCHMIDT® pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic Press is controlled by a cycle-monitored safety circuit. Each element in the circuit (relay, cylinder switch, valves etc.) is monitored once per cycle. If an error occurs, the system becomes inactive and an error signal appears in plain text in the display. If the pressure drops or the emergency-stop is activated, the entire system is depressurised. Depending on the version in use, up to 9 digital outputs and 12 digital inputs can be freely assigned, e.g. for controlling rotary indexing tables. The processes are programmed using the PLC-editor SCHMIDT® SPSys. Function-button assignment, ac-cess authorisation and design of input screens and operator-guidance texts can be freely adapted to the application in question.

Type Examination Certificate 500