Press control 3000

Press control 3000 with USB conection


SCHMIDT® PressControl 3000

The press control unit SCHMIDT® PressControl 3000 is a compact control unit that combines the PLC functionality and the integrated process monitoring technology.


  • Integrated force/stroke monitoring1)
  • Built-in PLC for individual process design
  • Quality evaluation based on window and stroke tolerances, and hus provide detection of “failed” parts
  • User-friendly, intuitive menu guidance
  • Quick data transfer via USB
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

This results in economic production due to increased efficiency and cost reduction by avoiding rejected parts.

Avoid verifying costs because of continuous and realtime process monitoring.

SCHMIDT® PressControl 3000 consists of a robust industry housing with touch screen display. Buttons for Emergency stop and ON/OFF switching are provided. The control unit is operated via function and cursor keys and a number pad.

The following functions can be selected directly on the user interface:

Data set management
Management of up to 20 data sets (loading, storing, renaming).

System configuration
Storage of control-specific or press-specific parameters and administration of access rights.

Graphic mode1)
Allows the visualization of the process. QA monitors (8 window / 4 stroke tolerances) can be defined freely, either graphically via the touch screen or numerically for each data set. Single curve areas can be displayed with high resolution using the zoom function. Switching between force/stroke [F/s], force/time [F/t] and stroke/time [s/t] is possible for process optimization.

Data input
Entry of the working modes (force/stroke/set-up mode) and the process variables.

Data output
Status information for the user as text output: e. g. Pass/Fail, max. stroke/force reached as well as number of pieces and error acknowledgement.

The SCHMIDT® PressControl 3000 is designed as a standalone solution. Extended functions are provided with the software programs SCHMIDT® ControlTool and SCHMIDT® SPC.

Technical data  
Process monitoring 8 force/stroke windows,
4 stroke tolerances
Scanning rate 2000 Hz
Graphical resolution 240 x 128 pixel
Display Force/stroke, force/time, stroke/time
Operation Touch panel, On/Off, Emergency stop
Interface USB, CAN
Flow chart Fully functional PLC with 8 inputs and 4 outputs
Data sets 20
EMC Acc. to requirements of EMC law (EN50081, EN50082)
Main supply 100-230 V
Supply voltage 24 V DC
System backup Buffer battery
Ambient temperature 0-40 °C
Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 283 mm x 312 mm x 71 mm
Protection class IP 54

1) The graphic mode is deactivated for systems without force/stroke monitoring

system architecture
system architecture
Type Examination Certificate 3000