Pneumatic control blocks

Pneumatic control blocks and force output preselector for pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic presses

Depending on the level of safety required, the SCHMIDT® PneumaticPress and HydroPneumaticPress can be controlled via a single-channel (e.g. in shielded units) or via a two-channel pneumatic control block (e.g. together with SCHMIDT® PressControl 75 or SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 and the the approved two-hand safety control). The operational pressure is between 3 and 6 bars. Pressure can be regulated to 1 bar, and thus the starting. With the force output pre-selector (standard on hydro-pneumatic presses) the pressure can be regulated to under 1 bar. The approach force can be adjusted precisely via the regulator. The force output preselector and the pneumatic control blocks are available in two sizes (ISO 1 and ISO 2) depending on the air consumption of the press.



Single-channel pneumatic control block

For integration with automated systems.

  • Service unit with main air valve (manual), filter pressure regulator, gauge and high-performance muffler
  • Pneumatic manifold block with 5/2-way solenoids valve
  • Connectors 1/4”(ISO 1)
  • Connectors 1/2”(ISO 2)

Two-channel pneumatic safety block

Safety component for EC type-approved press systems by SCHMIDT Technology.

  • Service unit with main dump valve (3/2-way magnetic valve), filter, pressure regulator, P/E signal converter, gauge and highperformance muffler
  • Pneumatic manifold block with two 5/2-way solenoids valves
  • 4-fold distributor
  • Connectors 1/4”(ISO 1)
  • Connectors 1/2”(ISO 2)



Force output preselector and independent power stroke control

  • Pressure reducing valve with gauge
  • Connectors 1/4”(ISO 1)
  • Connectors 1/2”(ISO 2)