Press Review

Ergonomically height adjustable
Customised presses boost productivity and reduce scrap
Rapid payback for servo press and robotic handling systems

ASSEMBLY March 2009:
How to Select the Right Electro-Mechanical (Servo) Assembly Press

Over the years, press assembly technology has evolved from simple hand-operated presses, which rely on the operator for control, to electro-mechanical presses, which internally control nearly every aspect of the pressing operation...  (PDF)

Modular Control Unit SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000
SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000 is an IPC-based press control with process monitoring for electrical ServoPress modules, it is intended for force / stroke monitored joining and forming...

SCHMIDT® ServoPress can quality check 15,000 latches daily
Engineers at Hatch Stamping, Chelsea .... designed a floormounted seat-belt quick connect for a major auto company.

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