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Compact Pneumatic Press with Process Monitoring

SCHMIDT Technology expanded its well-proven Pneumatic press program with process monitoring by lower force range now. The new SCHMIDT® PneumaticPress 320 has a force range of up to 1.6 kN at 6 bar, standard stroke is 100 mm.
The integrated, fail-safe force-stroke-measurement delivers the actual values to the proper SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 for continuous adjustment with the appropriate force-stroke-setpoints. Therefore process control in real time can be done as well as process monitoring plus a detailed process documentation and vizualisation.
The SCHMIDT® PneumaticPress 320 has a round ram with wearless, roller-guided rotary protection which helps to make the press insensitive against side forces.
A precise adjustment is guaranteed by an alignment of the precision bores of ram and table top of less than 0,05 mm. A ram drift lock is optionally available. The special piston with double seals in the pneumatic cylinder allows extremely long service intervals and a high protection against leakage.
In connection with the 2-channel dispenser block and SCHMIDT® SafetyModule, a EC-type-approved system will be supplied, as it is prescribed for hand insert operations.
So now there is also an ideal solution in the force range up to 1.6 kN for precise joining- and assembling operations with continuous monitoring of manufacturing quality.

SCHMIDT® PneumaticPress 320