No. 305


SCHMIDT® ManualPress 305

The SCHMIDT® ManualPress 305 represents a completely new concept for hand presses. For the first time it is possible to seperate the hand force from the ram in a controlled manner. These is being achieved by a new developed programmable electro mechanical clutch. In conjunction with the electronical back stroke lock mechanism unique functions can be realised.

  • Part protection:
    Ram decouples at preset values (force, distance or combination of both criteria).
  • Back stroke lock:
    These system makes sure that the preset values are achieved (force, or distance). Otherwise the hand lever cannot be returned into TDC.
  • Process safety:
    NIO-parts have to be correctly separated by the operater. Otherwise the system prevents the operater to continue production.
  • Freely programable system:
    additional I/O and actuators can be added depending on the requiremtents
  • Intelligent functiones:
    Move Tol (dynamic tolerances) and bending compensation are available.

Last not least the system offers a conveniant and extensive data aquisation, data evaluation, documentation and a statistical process controll (SPC).

Product information